Photos tagged „National park“

Perseids above Vihren hut

Koncheto shelter, Pirin

Cloudy sunset above Skakavetz peaks

Winter sunrise from Musala peak

Skakavetz peaks, Rila

Sunrise above Rila

Freezing moments

The Balkan awakens after the storm

In the kingdom of fog

Sunset above Malyovitsa area, Rila mountain

Maja Gruk e Hapt, Prokletije, Albania

Maja Ershelt, Prokletije mountain

Valbona valley, Prokletije, Albania

Winter in Rila

The mountain is calling me

Somewhere in Rila

A path to …

Lovna hut at winter

It;s always sunny above the clouds

Winter at the 7 Rila lakes

Vitosha above the sea of clouds

Distant island

Frozen time

Rila fairy tale