Photos tagged „Bulgaria“

Koncheto shelter, Pirin

Cloudy sunset above Skakavetz peaks

Winter sunrise from Musala peak

Skakavetz peaks, Rila

Sunrise above Rila

Musala sunset

Ropotamo beach

Sunrise above Kamen bryag

Lavender field

Arda River curves, Kardzhali dam

Freezing moments

The Balkan awakens after the storm

Pollen picking in the lavender

In the kingdom of fog

Antonov an-30, Bulgarian Air Force

Somewhere above the outskirts of Sofia

Celebration of St. Haralampiy – protector of the beekepers and honey

Sully Erna, Godsmack live in Sofia

Layers of the mountain

Rhodopes greet the new day

Sunset above Malyovitsa area, Rila mountain

Matt Sheridan, Pro-Pain

Gary Holt, Slayer final tour

Tom Araya, Slayer final tour